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"Ending Scene" 2018

 Video (colour, sound), 9:16min

  Art installation with multi media 

  The dramatic emotions of being a part of an unrequited love has been explored in this video installation, where audience listened to the conversations between a quarrel between a brokenhearted character and her android-like ex lover. The artist combined reality and fiction, creating a story-like piece where the third party could understand the helplessness of one being in a relationship in the century with technology taking over actual conversation; where texts can sometimes be completely different than what one actually thinks. 


Text/poems/diary entries/unsent emails were posted on the wall to emphasise the artist's helplessness and inability to speak her own mind. From inner struggles to self-deprecation to unspoken prayers, every text was meant to be a complete directory to the mess in her head. The audience has been encouraged to sit down and with headphones on, watch the video and explore every single bits and pieces of the work while in peace and away from their actual surroundings and preferably, reality.

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