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It's Messy Out There Innit (2020)

Acrylic, ink, and gold pigment on cotton canvas

  Back when London first underwent lockdown, the only way I could keep myself sane from overthinking was making art. I found painting out my worries on a canvas and soon it became my way of self expression. The pandemic has led me to a reflection on my beliefs and the realisation of the cultural differences between me and my western peers, and I soon find making art the easiest way to voice out my thoughts without being offensive about certain topics. 

  This work mainly revolves around my anxiety towards crowds and the idea of being unmasked during the pandemic. Similar to my previous works where I explored the idea of space, I created a colourful, and somewhat piece which was meant to lure the audience in at first glance, but will be soon be taken back by the disgusting elements of the painting. 

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