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"Water Lilies and Pleasure" 2019

Multi Media 

(Ink on Coloured Paper)

Sex or anything related to sex has been a taboo in Asian countries for decades. Although people are slowly being more exposed to sex due to globalisation and the exposure to western culture, people are still hesitant in talking about sex.


After going anonymous on several social media platforms, the artist managed collected personal experiences on masturbation from Asian girls of all ages. With the information she drew it out through her own manga-like style, where words turned into bold illustrations of "kawaii" girls feeling the pleasure from the natural act of masturbation;

;She has been thanked multiple times by interviewees for providing them a safe space to talk about 'sex' itself, since for a very long time they have avoid it to prevent the feeling of shame and guilt, though deep inside they knew very well that sex is just a part of life. Something natural. Something pure. 


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