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"Where the flowers wilt, When the flowers bloom" (2018)

Acrylic and water colour on canvas, multi media installation 

  Idea/Thoughts-development project after "AT4RMOU", which will laster result in the production of "Ending Game". The artist once again embraces the pain from her past relationship, while combing elements of grace and beauty into the feelings of heart-wreck. At this stage the artist truly believes that there are four stages post-heartbreak: Denial/Despair/Anger/Acceptance, and hopes to explore the stage she has finally arrived to-- Acceptance. 


梅花 (宋) 王安石


Plum Flowers

by Wang An Shi
tr. E. C. Chang

Several plum trees around the wall put on a show.
They are the only ones blooming in the bitter cold.
I know from the distance they are not snow. 
For their faint fragrance finds its way to my nose.


May the flowers inside you bloom with grace and beauty

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